Year 11 STEM Enrichment

This programme of workshops focuses on the visualisation of algorithms as a foundation to strengthen knowledge of a variety of programming types. Using flowcharts to breakdown processes enables students to better understand programming in Python, Object Oriented languages such as Java - through Greenfoot, as well as assembly language programming in Little Man Computer.

Programme Guide:





This workshop develops students’ ability to decompose complex processes through the use of flowcharts and step-by-step instructions. These skills are then applied to solve a Numeracy GCSE-style question and examples of commonly used algorithms are explored.

Algorithms II

This workshop builds on the first whilst focusing on implementing the various algorithms using Python. Students will learn how to create and utilise algorithms including sort and search algorithms, whilst reinforcing their programming knowledge.


This workshop introduces students to HTML. It provides them with the necessary skill to create their own HTML web page(s) to be used as a tool for revision.


This workshop develops students’ knowledge of object oriented programming, focusing on the Java-based Greenfoot environment. Through creating a series of games, students will strengthen their understanding of how object orientated programs are structured.

Assembly Language

The aim of this workshop is to develop students’ confidence with assembly language programming in Little Man Computer. Students will use their ability to decompose processes before developing solutions to complex problems.

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