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To inspire, motivate and engage people with computational thinking and promote computer science as underpinning all aspects of modern society.

Latest Events

As part of the Technocamps programme we deliver a variety of events to support computer science education across Wales.

Game of Codes 2016

Technocamps is running a pan-Wales National Programming Challenge.

Teachers Celebrate Qualification Success!

Thirteen teachers successfully achieve the (QCF) Level 3 Certificate of Computing for Teachers.

International Womens' Day 2016

ITWales' 16th Annual IWD Celebration: Celebrating Women in IT - Education and Achievement


There are a number of exciting resources developed allowing you to learn all about Computer Science at your own pace, or alternatively your teacher/educator could download to use in school/college or at your Technoclub. Each resource has different documents, including top tips and workbooks that you can gradually work through at your own pace, or alternatively your teacher/educator can use the other documents to teach the workshops in school/college.

The resources are graded 1-3 in terms of level of difficulty, so why not set yourself a challenge and start the journey now? Then, if you want to know more, why not try alternative resources offering a slightly different twist on the same topic, by selecting the drop down menu to the right of the resource page.

Resources List

There are plenty more resources to come, so watch this space!

App Inventor

Developing free android applications using an easy-to-use blocks editor!


Building programmable robots using the LEGO Mindstorm NXT kits


A popular educational open source programming environment using colourful code blocks to build up scripts to create games or animations


Learn about the World of Network building and Web-design


Using the PICAXE Micro-controller to build an electronic project


Use the “Open Source Vision Library” , a free software library to use computer vision and machine learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Use Alan Turing's famous Turing test to assess a computer's inteligence!


A fun, 3D programming enviroment to create animated movies and games!


Implement fun electronic prototypes to create cool projects and robots!


Use the popular programming language “Python” to create a textual puzzle game.


Learn the popular programming language "Java" in this visual programming enviroment.

Get Involved

Are you interested in arranging a Technocamps workshop for your school or college? We offer a range of computational thinking based workshops to support students and staff through KS2 to KS5. Get in touch to find out more.

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